The company

My name is Kenneth Præstholm. It is me who is behind the company Bewoo , a world bent wood.

Shortly said:

My pleasure of working with wood and create functional design has created the company.

I graduated wood engineer and forest technicians  back in the 90s and has since worked in the Forestry Deciduous and Coniferous Sawmill , International trade in tropical and temperate timber. The company originate from my passion for kayaking and the need for a visually pleasant and functional storage solution for my kayak and other equipment in combination with my experience in the timber industry.

All products are made of wood from sustainable Scandinavian forestry, mainly Ash .

All products are trimmed by hand in our own workshop .

I hope you find what you need in the webshop.

Yours sincerely Kenneth Præstholm , BEWOO.DK - a world bent wood. : 35974881

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