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§ 1. GENERAL All deliveries between the parties takes place on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions. Wood is a living material. Kayaking Hangers / pagajholdere and other wood products from Bewoo will, even if they are coated, exposed to changing temperature and humidity, absorb or release moisture which wood products can extend / retract. This means that it is expected that the products over time shrinks or expands a bit, but not to such an extent that it goes beyond the functionality of each product. Unless otherwise noted specifically associated with the product are all Bewoo's products designed for installation indoors or at least under cover, protected from been in direct / indirect effects of weather (rain / snow / condensate)

§ 2. OFFER Offers are only binding on the seller in 30 days. Offers must be accepted in writing by the buyer.

§ 3. PAYMENT The product is not sent until payment is received. The webshop allows you to pay by bank transfer or PayPal. The buyer is obliged to make any payment to the seller as if delivery had been made on time, even if delivery is delayed because of the purchaser. Buyer is not entitled to deduct or withhold any part of the purchase price because of counterclaims, unless acknowledged in writing by the seller.

§ 4. RETENTION The seller retains title to the goods delivered until payment has been made, plus accrued interest and costs.

§ 5. DELIVERY AND DELAY Delivery from the seller irrespective sold by their own people or by third parties under separate agreement with buyer delivers the goods sold to the buyer. Delivery to the buyer is the buyer's risk and expense. Exceeding the delivery time by 30 days due to the vendor relationship in every respect be considered punctual delivery, so do not buy the reason exercise any rights against the seller. If delays in delivery because the seller is unable to supply due to industrial disputes, fire, war, scarcity of goods, employees, agents or any other circumstance, and all cases of force majeure, the delivery by the time the obstacle. This is true regardless of the reason for the delay occurs before or after the expiry of the agreed delivery. Seller assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with consequences due to delayed delivery. Both parties are entitled to cancel the agreement if the delay exceeds two months.

§ 6. Refunds There is full return within 14 days. By any. Return the buyer shall be responsible for paying shipping costs. Goods must be returned undamaged in original emballage.Varer only be returned by prior agreement in each case, and only if the goods are salable and in unopened, undamaged and original packaging. Otherwise, goods are rejected. At the agreed return returned goods always free of brokerage and always attached copy of the packing slip or invoice. When returning calculated a cost deduction, which is deducted credit. After 3 months, the credit did not take place. Goods purchased specifically or according to task can not be returned.  

§ 7 PACKAGING Seller shall ensure that the service is packaged properly. If the buyer have special requirements or wishes for packaging to be declared to the seller in writing, prior to closing. Goods shipped per individual order. Partial / co-delivery is us not possible. We send a maximum of 20 kg per package.

§ 8. MISSING Buyer shall immediately upon delivery inspect the goods from the seller. If the buyer wants to claim a defect, the buyer immediately after the defect is or should have been discovered inform the seller in writing, stating the nature of the defect. If the buyer does not complain as stated, the buyer can not later claim the defect. After vendor selection, defects in the goods sold be the remedy for the seller's account within a reasonable time. Failing this the buyer is entitled to cancel the agreement. If the buyer does not within one month after the delivery date forward defect to the seller, the buyer can not later claim the defect. § 9. BREACH When the buyer defaults, the seller is entitled to stop further deliveries and claim compensation under the general contract law.

§ 10. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY A claim for damages against the seller can not exceed the invoice amount for the goods sold. Seller shall not be liable for loss of profits, as a result of delays or defects in the goods sold. Seller shall without undue delay inform the buyer, if force majeure or other circumstances beyond seller's control. For product liability to the current rules in Danish law.  

§ 11. COOKIES We use cookies to enhance customer experience on our side. All cookies are deleted after 12 months.

§ 12. LAW AND VENUE The agreement is subject to Danish law. Any dispute between the parties shall be settled by the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.