Can I install the products from outside under the open sky?

No, we strongly discourage this.

If you fit our products in the open air it will void your warranty.

All timber products from are produced in kiln-dried wood. Wood moisture rate is 8-10% +/- 2%, which is at the same level as used for indoor furniture (chairs, tables, sideboards, etc) in heated rooms. Mounted in the open air, it will at times be exposed to rain / snow etc. thereby be greatly moistened. Such powerful moisturizing will be devastating for the product. It will change shape and lose its function.

We recommend installing at least under cover, protected from direct exposure to weathering (sun / rain / snow etc). It is best if the product is installed in insulated heated / unheated room.

Be aware of what requirements your insurer places to store your equipment in relation to locking.