Ask - Fraxinus excelsior L.

We use Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) among other things for the following products.

- Door stop - Bicycle suspension - Kayak Rack

Ash has very good strength properties and a beautiful exterior due to its light color with tones of brown / gray. The ash tree has two colors from nature's hand. A light and a gray / brown color. The gray / brown color comes from the core of the tree and is called the "brownies". The brown core is a purely visual property of the tree. The brownies have no better properties than the lighter ash tree in the outermost part of the trunk. BEWOO does not sort by color in our products. The brownies can be widespread in all our ash wood products.

Density: 650-690 kg / m3

Moisture content: Oven dried to 8-10% moisture.

Tensile strength: 1650 MPA

Compressive strength: 40-60 MPA

Bending strength: 120 MPA

Modulus of elasticity: 13,400 MPA

Hardness: 76 MPA

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